GRAPHIC: 2 Militants Killed in Dagestan

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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GRAPHIC: Two militants were killed in an anti-mafia raidby special operatoins forces in Dagestan. Video only shows the aftermath. Description: Makhachkala, DagestanDecember 01, 2012 -- Two militants were killed on Saturday during a special operation near the south Russian city of Makhachkala, capital of Dagestan. Security forces surrounded a private residence where the armed group was holed up. A shootout began when the militants attempted to escape. According to Russia's Anti-Terrorist Committee, both of the gunmen killed in the operation were members of a terrorist gang involved in several murders and extortion of money from local businesses.

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  1. 30678095
    30678095 May 04, 2013

    The body is starting to bloat. That body has been dead at least 30 hrs.

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