Kids React to Osama bin Laden's Death

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"Terrorists if you're watching this, please stop terrorizing us."

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  1. 19891622
    19891622 May 20, 2011

    the sheeple celebrate while the wolves continue to hunt

  2. lincolnkush
    lincolnkush Jun 26, 2011

    lol he's a camper like in black ops!

  3. 27631303
    27631303 Jul 18, 2011

    LOL, he destroyed the TWO twin towers? I remember there being one twin tower destroyed. (twin=2) NOT two twin towers (2twin=4). Score 1 for the adults :D

  4. Erichs
    Erichs Mar 30, 2012

    From the mouths of babes. Good stuff.

  5. Marcus129
    Marcus129 Jan 16, 2013

    He killed 42

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