Pearl Harbor | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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In honor of the Pearl Harbor anniversary, we look at some interesting facts related to the “date which will live in infamy”. Hosted by Benari Poulten, a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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  1. 4499124
    4499124 Dec 03, 2015

    At over 73 and a third generation inland s.Californian many in my folks and grandparents' generation were very concerned about a Jap invasion of our southern coast. Land and march up the Santa Ana Riverbed and do here what they did in China. By the fall we knew that they had no way to get here. Same for the Germans on the east. Mostly horse drawn, no landing ships, etc. Yes, they had some armor, but both marched on foot.

  2. WildSnide_USMC53D
    WildSnide_USMC53D Dec 04, 2015

    Wake island, Guam, Cavite naval yard, Clark Army airfield, Midway

  3. howie56
    howie56 Dec 07, 2015

    Wrong, I knew 3 out of the 5 facts! Also attacked Guam & Wake islands on 12-7-1941

  4. 4950316
    4950316 Dec 07, 2015

    The Japanese hit the Philippines, Malaya (Singapore) and Wake island on December 8th (December 7th in Hawaii).

  5. BattleshipSlr
    BattleshipSlr Dec 09, 2015

    They also attacked Ewa Beach/Barber's Point, Kaneohe MCAS, Ford island, Wheeler Field and Hickham

  6. cpauld
    cpauld Dec 11, 2015

    One thing I do know is that a Coast Guard Cutter is the last ship afloat that saw action during the Pearl Harbor raid. She is the USCGC Taney (WHEC37), she earned three battle stars having served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. Currently she is berthed in Baltimore Harbor one of several Historical Ships.

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