Dogs of War

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The impressive use of Military Working Dogs throughout generations.

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  1. 33702292
    33702292 Apr 16, 2015

    Im glad they are letting them come home with the handlers instead of killing them like during Viet Nam,how can you kill a dog that has saved so many lives is beyond me ! God Bless the DOGS !!

  2. 27072107
    27072107 Apr 28, 2015

    Great Video. I was USAF K9 from 1970 - 1974, with incountry Ton Suit Nhut, and Korat from Dec 71 to Dec 72. This brings back many memories and tears about Sarge 617X, and Blackie X850 who didn't come home. Then USN for 16 years and retirement. I'm a co-founder of Alabama War Dog Memorial at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL.

  3. 34367202
    34367202 Dec 31, 2015

    Good to hear some get to come home. I was with 212th MP Sentry Dogs Vietnam 69-70 Had to put my dog down befor I left. That was better than leaving him with the ARVNs.

  4. 10331352
    10331352 Dec 04, 2017

    While watching the video of MWD, during their use in RVN it states that they were considered "military equipment" and abandoned. This is entirely incorrect! Dogs became infected from mosquito bites and developed a malady known to us Vet Techs (91T) as Tropical Canine Panleukopenia or TCP. They were banned from returning to the States for fear of introducing this disease into the American population of pet dogs and wild canines, although it was later found out that TCP was carried by ticks here in the US. During my deployment to RVN, I was a 91T and additionally served as a dog handler because of a 95BP5 shortage and just before rotation, the Kennelmaster for the 212th MP Co (SD) located in Long Binh. After leaving RVN, I was stationed in Germany at a Special Ammunition Storage (SAS) facility in SW Germany where again my responsibilities were as before with addition to being the "training dummy". I had 36 dogs there. Ain't nothing like being in 100 degree/95% humidity heave burlap covered padded thickly padded suit, catching a :fur missile"traveling at top speed to knock you down and chew your ass up!

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