Coolest Military Codenames | Top 10

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Find out which military code names our panel of veterans chose as the Top 10. Watch today!

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  1. 31266359
    31266359 Sep 08, 2016

    The lack of historical knowledge/research here is astounding though not untypically American. Whilst Grand-Slam was used as stated it was first used as the name of a bomb designed by the same person, Barnes Wallis, who also designed the Wellington Bomber and the bomb used in Operation Chastise the "Dambuster" raid.

    JOTCOpsSGM Feb 04, 2017

    Who are the members of the panel? Were there any who thought that "Just Cause" or "Urgent Fury" are cooler than "Magneto" or "Mincemeat"? Remember, we're talking MILITARY operations and that means kickin' butt and takin' names.

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