5 Things You Don't Know About: Landmines

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Deployed on, or just below, the surface of the earth, they are designed to wreak havoc on tanks, heavy vehicles, and personnel. Hosted by Benari Poulten, a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

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  1. 26953663
    26953663 Mar 03, 2016

    The effectiveness of the claymore is grossly over rated because of the poor training soldiers get. Soldiers are led to believe they are to explode the mine when the enemy is 50 meters away. Although the projectile have the potential to kill at 100 meters, the chance of hitting anyone at 50 meters is small unless its a large group of soldiers because by 50 meters the ball bearing dispersal is incredibly wide. 20 meters is the optimal range for ambushes and smaller groups. And as one of my old LTCs said "If the Claymore blows and no one drops, its time to retrain everyone who survives the firefight.

  2. cwb2701
    cwb2701 Mar 04, 2016

    I believe the first to suggest the use of land mines was by Confederate Artillery Sargent during the Civil War. He and his men mined a road with artillery rounds to prevent Union Forces from overtaking a Confederate Force's movement. cwb2701

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