Soldier Shot by Sniper, Chase Ensues

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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WARNING GRAPHIC: US Soldier is shot by an Iraqi sniper but manages to survive. The soldiers then pursue the enemies in a humvee and eventually get them in custody. Imagine saving the life of someone who just tried to kill you? Amazing story. True heroes.

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  1. 27855013
    27855013 Aug 14, 2011

    that soldier is got abig hart,its cant top that.happy for his family too,love it........

  2. blkshk
    blkshk Aug 30, 2011

    Now what ya do is find a pig or carry a bag of pig skins and then rub it all over him let him see and know and then kill him which sends him to their hell-we're too easy on the misled suckers!

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