Mom of 1st SEAL Killed in Iraq War Talks

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The mother of the first Navy SEAL killed in the Iraq War was on "America's News Headquarters" today to discuss the chaos in Iraq. Debbie Lee described the situation as tragic. She said she has been to Iraq twice -- in 2007 and again in 2010 -- and she saw firsthand the difference our troops made.

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  1. 32658552
    32658552 Jul 21, 2014

    Being the sister of newly retired E9 Master Chief of Navy Seals, I am speechless for the war on terror and how its begun its transgression. Your son's service and act of bravery will forever be revered as heroic. He did what he was trained to do, as do all the men and women of our troops. I use men and women lightly as both you and I know they are merely adolescents. Tragedy comes when there is miscommunication amongst different cultures. Some of the secured actions we have taken within the cultures which desperately need help in reorganizing get lost in translation when some sense of loss of control are faced. It is repulsive to observe as we are all rendered helpless. Along side of that, we have to sit by and watch as our leader send our loved ones into the battle field without regard or strong levy for response to our questions as to why. May god be with all those who have taken on the oath to risk their lives everyday in order to protect what is ours. May you all rest knowing that you have a tremendous line of supporters here in your home land and wish nothing more than a safe home return. May god or whomever you believe in protect you and guide you home. Thank you.

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