Al-Qaeda's 'Kamikaze Cars' in Syria

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Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in the Jabat Al Nosra group use 'Kamikaze cars' to attack checkpoints in Syria. The first two minutes show a Syrian rebel in a car loaded with a large bomb. Around the 2:20 mark they show the actual attack where he drives to a checkpoint and detonates the bomb. At the 3:30 mark another "car bomber" is shown in his vehicle prior to the attack. The actual attack follows around the 5:35 mark.

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  1. bmchm
    bmchm Feb 14, 2014

    Kill, kill, & kill. What is it about these people that have "KILL" tattooed on their minds ? It is either Americans &/or their allies or other Muslims of a different tribe, as long as someone is being killed they act as tho they are heroes. And it is okay for them to kill Muslims, but no one else is allowed to !!!!!

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