Pentagon's 'Anti-Religion' Virus Plan

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Department of Defense officials discuss releasing a flu virus and using the FunVax (Fundamentalists vaccine) to manipulate the "God Gene" in DNA of those inoculated to eliminate religious fundamentalists. The video is old (2005) and the plan should be ongoing. In the video -- QUESTION: So what we have got here, is by spreading this virus, we are going to eliminate individuals who are going on to a bomb fest, who are going into a market and blowing it apart. ANSWER: Our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people, that they have over expression of the VMAT2 gene and by "vaccinating" them against this we'll eliminate this behavior.

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  1. reddevilinbaggypants
    reddevilinbaggypants May 20, 2013

    Well, we can start connecting the dots with military chaplains being punished and discharged from the military, Christian service members will be prosecuted(persecuted) for practicing what God tells Christian to do, which is, they will witness to the whole world, warn an evil person of their ways, to be a light in a dark world. By speaking out against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, the killing of our babies, our government and academic institutions gravitating towards pagan gods/religions and indoctrinating our youth with such, we are called haters. The bible states that the god of this world will get stronger in the last days and what was good will be considered evil and what was evil will be considered good. It was one thing when the attacks were from individuals and private organizations, but now its coming from all levels of the US government, to include the office of the president. Christians look up and know the day of the Lord is near.

  2. smh2996
    smh2996 May 23, 2013

    On the slide with the two brain scans, the briefer states that "these are two different individuals". I find this statement questionable. I did a screen capture of the two MRIs and what is remarkable is when you look at both images side-by-side, they are the identical in regards to skull width, skull thickness, and brain matter. The only difference is the colorized portion which appears to be superimposed on the images. As a mathematician, I can state that the probability is infinitesimal (nearly zero) that two different individuals would have identical skulls. Either the briefer misspoke or the study is intentionally flawed and meant to manipulate the audience.

  3. 3882918
    3882918 Jul 29, 2015

    Then how is anyone going to worship the beast? fake report!

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