Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

GRAPHIC: Syrian Rebel KIA

Rebel fighter in Syria is shot and killed right in front of the camera on 5/29/12.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 May 30, 2012

    Gee, let's see what went wrong. Firing randomly down a street with absolutely no target. Do it three or four times in a row from the same exact spot. Get shot by someone who actually aims and fires. One dead stupid person. Darwin wins again.

  2. black.lab
    black.lab May 31, 2012

    Remember they don't NEED to aim...Allah will "guide" the bullet to the infidel.

  3. Troy_Emge
    Troy_Emge Jun 01, 2012

    One thing to be cool calm and collected in contact. These guys just look like it is a casual thing. And they pay for it. No wonder they are being massacred.

  4. LWSR11
    LWSR11 Jun 04, 2012

    Stupidity kills!

  5. WRG01
    WRG01 Jul 02, 2012

    He was an ass. He's fighting an Army trained to fight Israel and he thinks that maybe he'll win the tactical gunfight by blindly wasting ammunition only to draw attention to his worthless application of a light support weapon? Pathetic.

  6. CrzyHrse327
    CrzyHrse327 Jul 06, 2012

    gone to the well one too many times. DISPLACE!!!

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