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SAA Shell Destroys 3 FSA Militants

An SAA shell lands almost directly on target, eliminating three FSA militants in Aleppo, Syria. This occured in the beginning of February of 2013.

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  1. big_loui
    big_loui Feb 07, 2013

  2. 5798039
    5798039 Feb 07, 2013

    Wow, 5 likes (as of this writing) for a Syrian propaganda video? That's odd.

  3. puresalt01
    puresalt01 Feb 08, 2013

    3 AQ down!! Good Job!!!

  4. big_loui
    big_loui Feb 08, 2013 and type in "Asad's Shabiha Cut off the Genitals of Civillians While They Are Still Alive," the men in the vid are speaking the alawite dialect of arabic which is assads race

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