Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

Rebels Engage SAA in Front of Tank

GRAPHIC: Syrian rebels engage two SAA soldiers who are running in front of their tank trying to move something. The FSA gunman fires quickly when they're exposed and eliminated both. Incident occurs around the 40 second mark.

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  1. big_loui
    big_loui Feb 11, 2013

    go to youtube.com and type in these phrases and watch the associated videos, the videos with torture: the men n the vids are speaking the alawite dialect of arabic which is assads sect, 1.fsa catch shabiha who killed civilist brutal and recording the kill, 2.Shabiha and Assad thug buried a photographer just because he was filming the truth,3.Asad's Shabiha Cut off the Genitals of Civillians While They Are Still Alive,4.When Shabiha captures someone

  2. big_loui
    big_loui Feb 11, 2013

    he is pretty good to get both of them

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