Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

GRAPHIC: FSA Overkill After Battle

GRAPHIC: A trending video on YT that apparently shows FSA soldiers shooting at already dead or dying SAA troops after a battle. According to the source, at least 10 SAA troops were killed in the firefight. Please correct me if this info is not accurate by commenting. Happens after the 1:20 mark.

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  1. big_loui
    big_loui Jan 14, 2013

    If this is "overkill," then i would hope you can go to huffingtonpost.com and post the video from there that shows assad soldiers/militia men stoning and slashing to unarmed bound detainees,also, the latest report by the UN and IRC detailing the gang rape of girls and women in front of their families, destruction of young mens and boys genitals, and all the many massacres by the assad regime, this videos behavior is a symptom of that and i cant blame these guys and they look like angels compared to the jefferey dahmer like behavior of this govt and those soldiers that would fight for that govt. theres a big difference in execting detainess and putting your penis in an infant

  2. big_loui
    big_loui Jan 14, 2013

    no whats "overkill" is putting your penis in an infant and that would be the assad regime and alawites that do that sort of thing on a systematic basis

  3. big_loui
    big_loui Jan 14, 2013

    btw-anybody who wants to see that UN report is on the BBC world news site under "mideast" the entire report is attatched to the latest article on syria

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