Sniper Just Misses Syrian Soldier's Head

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This Syrian soldier is extremely lucky to be alive after a sniper's bullet missed his head by just inches.

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  1. smitty64
    smitty64 Jan 02, 2015

    maybe i am seeing this all wrong, but the caption says missed by just inches, but it appears it missed by a good 2 to 3 feet.

  2. smitty64
    smitty64 Jan 02, 2015

    why did you flag my comment as inappropriate? i did not say any thing wrong or derogatory. i merely stated as to what i thought i saw. i did not mean any harm. am i not allowed to say what i saw on the video? no, i could not have done any better or even as good. sorry you think my comment was inappropriate. guess i am not allowed my opinion it it doesn't agree with yours. i just will not ever comment again now that i know how this works.

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