Do NOT Fire at a US Outpost!

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Taliban fighter caught firing at a US outpost in Afghanistan. Apaches were called in to take the individual out with a Hellfire missile and the enemy was successfully killed.

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  1. Pappy05
    Pappy05 Apr 22, 2013

    Good shooting, Boys!

  2. 20155326
    20155326 Apr 23, 2013

    Given the above info, the attack on the Benghazi Embassy would have been "duck soup" if the Sec. of State Hillary Clinton or the Commander-in-Chief Obama had the balls to order this reprisal against the attackers after the Embassy had asked for help during the attack. Why then, was this option not used to repell the attack and the four Americans who died as a result, used ?????? WE have the technology to take out people who are hell-bent on killing Americans an the present Administration is so timid or lack the correct mind set to do so. They want to remain "Politically correct" and th families of the four dead Americans could care less about that as do I. It is our shame that we did not protect those people who died valiantly in defense of the Embassy and the "Do-Nothings" in the present Administration sit on their duffs and give lame excuses as to why they did not respond. I feel they should have been held accountable for their neglect of their duty to protect the people within the confines of the Embassy.

  3. Erichs
    Erichs Apr 23, 2013

    Couldn't see what happened to him but if someone saw him explode then good. Looks like we will be at this for many many years.

  4. Highlander28
    Highlander28 Apr 28, 2013

    "There is nothing in the world stronger than love... Except an Apache helicopter! An Apache helicopter has guns and missiles!" - Ted

  5. 29971933
    29971933 May 01, 2013

    The most believable story about Benghazi is that the Fraud-in-charge ordered it as a kidnapping, then 2 American heroes showed up to save their fellow Americans. The Muzzies thought Bumbles had betrayed them, so they tortured and killed their captives. Bumbles was going to "negotiate" their release and look like a great leader. He is guilty of murder.

  6. Elvis_Lives
    Elvis_Lives May 08, 2013

    When will they learn that they just can't hide...and if they do end up hiding, we'll just blow up the immediate area with them in it.

  7. STS1_SS
    STS1_SS May 24, 2013

    By drawing us into this 1 KIA/missile they will bankrupt us as surely as we did the Soviet Union.

  8. mike-the-toad
    mike-the-toad Mar 09, 2014

    Economy 's one thing...But don't forget the fun! Carpe diem.

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