Female Apache Gunner Kills Enemy

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Apaches from the 82nd CAB, Task Force Pegasus, engage and eliminate 3 insurgents planting an IED near highway 601 in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

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  1. 12256293
    12256293 Feb 28, 2011

    too bad 3 of them got away.

  2. CW3cwjeep
    CW3cwjeep Oct 22, 2011

    Good shot.

  3. 28998526
    28998526 Mar 09, 2012

    It's simple don't mess with the U.S./Don't mess with the best!!!!!

  4. jeager56
    jeager56 Jul 08, 2012

    If only they could hear her voice in each of those 72 virgins!

  5. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Mar 03, 2014

    See? Listen? A WOS Apache woman is calm cool and collected when taking out enemy. THAT IS COMBAT!

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