Direct Hit on Taliban with Hellfire Missile

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Taliban fighter is engaged with a Hellfire missile in Afghanistan.

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  1. 13378967
    13378967 Sep 29, 2012

    Is it really necessary to use a missile just to kill one man?

  2. 28839313
    28839313 Sep 29, 2012

    Seems a bit of an over kill. Why not just hit him with 20 mm guns, hell fires aren't cheap.

  3. ATCAW
    ATCAW Sep 29, 2012

    Guess they wanted that one "Really Dead"...

  4. Harveygo
    Harveygo Sep 30, 2012

    These are just the Greatest Videos and Pic's there could Be...

  5. ronaldreagan3000
    ronaldreagan3000 Sep 30, 2012

    good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dockrick
    dockrick Sep 30, 2012

    one man = 1 million $$ bomb could have got him with 25 cent bullet

  7. 11720907
    11720907 Oct 01, 2012

    What a waste of tax dollars.

  8. LWSR11
    LWSR11 Oct 02, 2012

    Spot-on! What a wonderful death, without pain and knowledge that he´ll die.

    USMCPSYCHO Oct 03, 2012

    There is no overkill in war !!!! one ied can kill many of our hero's and destroy countless amounts of equipment worth millions of dollars. Kill em' all anyway possible !!!

  10. 29861386
    29861386 Oct 05, 2012

    Hmm define necessary, is your life worth $50-70k? I bet your family thinks so, 1 Taliban can kill or injure how many soldiers, yep possibly worth 2!

  11. TJSJ
    TJSJ Oct 05, 2012

    I would rather drop a hellfire on someone's head than risk having our troops roll over an IED on the way there. Plus you gotta give us Imagery Analysts have a little bit of fun here and there.

  12. 1-8COMM
    1-8COMM Oct 10, 2012

    That's gonna leave a scar.

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