6 Deadly A-10 Strikes

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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If you’ve ever called in an A-10 strike, it’s impossible to forget the crackle of rounds exploding on the ground and the buzz as it flies by.

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  1. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead Sep 15, 2014

    I don't think there is any such thing as an A-10 strike that isn't deadly. GOOD WORK TROOPS, KILL MORE OF THEM!!!

  2. 32814667
    32814667 Sep 15, 2014

    Since we can read the Headline off a Ruskie Newspaper, finding these Black Dressed Barbarians shouldn't be a PROBLEM!!! When we DO, let's simply blow them to ALLAH and those "vigins" they want!!!

    DEANEGILMOUR Sep 16, 2014

    And the Washington arm chair quarterbacks think the A-10 is obsolete. better think again your self serving politicos

  4. 29640493
    29640493 Sep 16, 2014

    I could listen to that all day long

  5. Namike
    Namike Sep 16, 2014

    Daaaayyymmm, that's an awesome sound.

  6. 32817318
    32817318 Sep 16, 2014

    An here we witness the majestic mating calls of the A-10 warthog.

  7. Erichs
    Erichs Sep 16, 2014

    well an A-10 needs to unload on ISIL. Lets see some new footage on how we are doing now and when the troops go in.

  8. 30247682
    30247682 Sep 29, 2014

    #3: Haji Ramuddin, Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

  9. poznian
    poznian Jun 22, 2015

    The crackling sound of saved American lives sounds very good to me.

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