Humvee Air Drop Turns into Epic Fail

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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Earlier this week at USAG Hohenfels the 173rd Airborne Brigade forgot how to Airborne. Watch as three humvees explode and burn on contact after parachutes malfunction. Do'h!

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  1. mchall93
    mchall93 Apr 21, 2016

    That was no parachute malfunction. Those Humvees were improperly rigged for airdrop.

  2. Sword100
    Sword100 Apr 22, 2016

    I was interested to see that Army Times said officials were going to look into charges against the person taking the video (WTF)!! Since when has it been an offense to take a video of an airdrop? My son took a video of an airdrop at his COP Baylough. A C-17 dropped about 35 bundles (only way to get resupply). Unfortunately the last 5 streamered in with the last one, which must have been the flour, landing right in front of the camera. It made a great white mushroom cloud. Probably what caused world wide rumors that the Americans were using nukes in Afghanistan. The troops were very excited and used typical grunt language that would have been used from WWI through VN to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some things never change. I would post the video on this site, but it was accidently destroyed during a sudden plunge into a swollen river. De Oppresso Liber.

  3. kenrup
    kenrup May 05, 2016

    Looks like some officer is going to have use their LPCs instead of riding.

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