Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

WARNING GRAPHIC: Taliban Execution


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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Jul 20, 2011

    taliban killed or doin the killin?

  2. One10soldier
    One10soldier Sep 28, 2011

    That execution is pretty wild,freaked my wife out she had no idea this is a crazy war.I myself understand that this kind of justice is necessary for the mission.

  3. Valourau
    Valourau Mar 11, 2012

    Necessary for the mission? That was the taliban executing pakistani soldiers, police and border security. Who's side are you on you idiot? These filthy taliban pigs need to be wiped from the face of the earth. If not, this kind of mindless fanatical violence will never end.

  4. 29530841
    29530841 Jul 09, 2012

    Don't surrender, don't give up. Bring the people doing the killing to justice.

  5. use2basquid
    use2basquid Sep 07, 2013

    Wish somebody would tell the mouthpiece, "Just STF-up and get it the F____ over with !"

  6. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead Sep 09, 2013

    The taliban is a creation of the pakistani isi. This and more other information is in Steve Coll's book "Ghost Wars".

  7. bonniedick
    bonniedick Nov 07, 2013

    These vermin can't be exterminated fast enough!

  8. 32098012
    32098012 Feb 01, 2014

    I am very saddened that human beings can do this to human beings. It is a cowardly act to shoot unarmed people. I personally feel these low life scum should be nuked! It's time America gets tough on these killers. It is just like Hitler's final solution! We don't need this happening in the world! It's time to do the right thing and destroy these killers!

  9. OdenRagnar
    OdenRagnar Feb 21, 2014

    So long as the Arabs fight for a religion,they will be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel

  10. zelda43
    zelda43 Feb 21, 2014

    A crude, backward society. We can't change it or improve it. Not until the people reach a consensus on whether they want things to change. As it did in our country, religious and racist extremism had to run its course. Our civil war that had us killing each other by the thousands. We got through it.

  11. 32139838
    32139838 Feb 23, 2014

    AwsomeThanks for showin

  12. 21055489
    21055489 Feb 23, 2014

    Efin subhuman pieces of swine excrement

  13. navyvetarmyfather
    navyvetarmyfather Feb 26, 2014

    Faithful followers of a barbaric 13th century religion. The world will never have peace until Islam reforms(grows up) or is destroyed.

  14. 32146127
    32146127 Feb 26, 2014

    all taliban not human

  15. goatdriverNam66
    goatdriverNam66 Feb 26, 2014

    True, That was the taliban swine, executing their own pakistani brothers and to think the USA is importing Islam by the thousands yearly just to save face in front of the world. Putting all our children in peril to do blood shed in their day with less chance to survive. Its coming and bad.

  16. 21310063
    21310063 Feb 26, 2014

    Well, since only human beings can be 'executed' and the Taliban aren't human, it is logical that the Taliban are doing the killing in this video. If it were the Taliban being killed, the title would read something like 'Infestation of genetically defective pond scum culled from local septic system." Or something like that...

  17. AnotherOldVet
    AnotherOldVet Feb 26, 2014

    reinstate puff the magic dragon and the rest. Fly through the villages and count how many one square inch pock marks and in the area. Sure won't be much of anything walkin' or standin' after a couple of passes. Why they never used them in the first place amazes me.

  18. 21495960
    21495960 Feb 26, 2014

    This is what we have to look forward to if we do not defeat these savages

  19. 29140329
    29140329 Feb 28, 2014

    All of the people that thin mudslum is a religion are bad wrong or either complete idiots. Odumba has spent millions of our hard earned money bringing these terrorists here. The ultimate plan is to make the USA a mudslime third world power and country. Wake up "WE the PEOPLE" and save our Christian Faith and freedom before our very own domestic terrorist destroys us.

  20. HammerHead13FOX
    HammerHead13FOX Mar 31, 2014

    and where is the UN, Obama and CNN/MSNBC on this, Where is their outcries demaning Justice.

  21. HammerHead13FOX
    HammerHead13FOX Mar 31, 2014


  22. 32247470
    32247470 Apr 08, 2014

    good job soldiers!..but I've done better than that...1 bullet to kill 1 soldier in 47 minutes!

  23. 32505719
    32505719 May 28, 2014

    This is cut.

  24. 15930016
    15930016 Jun 21, 2014

    the only justice is death

  25. 1866904
    1866904 Jun 24, 2014

    I bet Obama LOVES to see his best friend (Taliban) killing people --especially the American.

  26. 28764392
    28764392 Jul 29, 2014

    Muslims have no value to life. They wanna get with those 200+ virgins and be a Martyr. Guess what u dumb ass Muslim Your not a Martyr, your just Dead. No Virgins No Nothing just dead. The way you like your women all covered up you wouldn't know what to do with all those virgins anyway. Muslims = Dumb Ass Cowards

  27. 32318108
    32318108 Jul 30, 2014

    video wont play!

  28. JOTCOpsSGM
    JOTCOpsSGM Aug 06, 2014

    The videorecording shows to what extent the lack of understanding of the true message of the Koran exists in much of the Middle East. Much of the conflict is carried out by individuals who have been mislead for centuries and there is no stopping until they have been eliminated. It's wrong.

  29. 32720639
    32720639 Aug 13, 2014

    just blow him off the map get this s*** over with killing all them people its uncalled for the stupidest thing I've ever seen blow them f****** off the map enough for and I they're killing them they need to be killed Obama stop waiting blow them off the map already what are you waiting for

  30. 16394789
    16394789 Aug 20, 2014

    These types of videos need to be shown to all our young troops, so they know who they are up against, and so they know that surrender to this sort of enemy is a low probability option.

  31. 32747516
    32747516 Aug 22, 2014

    These people are no beT

  32. 32747900
    32747900 Aug 22, 2014

    the United States should annihilate the whole country every man woman and child in it there just raising those children over there to be born killers Sophia Niall ate the whole country we won't have to deal with those people anymore or their problems

  33. 32747900
    32747900 Aug 22, 2014

    just wanted to correct myself I was using my talk to text anyone with any common sense will understand

  34. 32747900
    32747900 Aug 22, 2014

    you people hide behind mask when you commit your crimes why don't you have the balls to show your face.

  35. 32747900
    32747900 Aug 22, 2014

    those people are a waste of human life

  36. wahlgrenvan
    wahlgrenvan Aug 28, 2014

    looks like the moslems killed them.

  37. 32776674
    32776674 Sep 02, 2014

    I'm good to go if need be .

  38. 32779313
    32779313 Sep 03, 2014


  39. 32779313
    32779313 Sep 03, 2014

    I wish i wasnt too old to join the military

  40. 32781295
    32781295 Sep 04, 2014

    this is awesome :)

  41. Bxrocker81
    Bxrocker81 Sep 16, 2014

    my god we as a nation must stop these animals our commander in chief has no fucking balls he's so politically correct he's sickens me god bless all our armed forces where ever they maybe

  42. 32945557
    32945557 Sep 25, 2014

    im not sure if this is real! looks like it tho. I don't see any blood! that much shooting there should be blood everywhere.

  43. 33012153
    33012153 Sep 30, 2014


  44. 33056401
    33056401 Oct 04, 2014

    Sounds like ISIS kill Taliban, so Terrorist kill Terrorist, i don't understand arabic but i understand that the guy in black told them they are murderer in front of Allah, They all Murderer on that place!!

  45. 33216654
    33216654 Oct 06, 2014

    Bring them to Justice?, Fuck that, level the ground and start again. Vermin Scum.

  46. 33253070
    33253070 Oct 16, 2014

    I want to join them.

  47. 33253070
    33253070 Oct 16, 2014

    The USA and the president, arent going to do shit about this. Obama even said no to bombing them which gives me the idea that he's supporting them and apart of them. More than half of us are going to die and Obama isnt going to care or find the people who did it. Best of luck to all of you. Get a gun if you haven't alresdy. They will behead you and Obama won't care so protect yourself

  48. 33238522
    33238522 Oct 24, 2014

    Don't see how that is called "brutal"?!?

  49. renalto
    renalto Nov 17, 2014

    Some pretty crazy shit.These extremists will stop at nothing, specially when it comes to folks who cooperate or provide intelligence to our military. Poor villagers had to die this way. Can hear cries of some kid in the background. An evil we gotta confront squarely specially ISIS. Cowards!!!!!!

  50. 33425311
    33425311 Dec 03, 2014


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