Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.

Soldier Sprints Through Taliban Fire

Wardak, Afghanistan -- During a BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) patrol to assess enemy KIA after 4 A-10 gun runs, Afghan forces engage Taliban fighters on a motorcycle. The initial engagement sparks a firefight that lasts 2 hours where over 3,000 rounds, 4 60mm mortars, and 4 Carl Gustav rounds are spent. There were no friendly casualties during this engagement.

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  1. ArmyCivSoldier83
    ArmyCivSoldier83 Jul 10, 2013

    Ha Wardak, I remeber that place, still the same I see.

  2. 21910116
    21910116 Jul 16, 2013

    This soldier needs to wash his sinful mouth for blaspheming the Lord's name. This fool is only alive because the Lord allows it.

  3. warriorwaynorth
    warriorwaynorth Jul 20, 2013

    219101164, you,re an idiot

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