Should the US Arm Medevacs?

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The death of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, whose evacuation took nearly an hour after he was wounded, is fueling debate about whether medevac helicopters should be equipped with firepower, not unarmed. (Feb. 15)

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  1. CW3cwjeep
    CW3cwjeep Feb 17, 2012

    Arm them, they shoot at us anyway. The Red Cross doesnt protect you. Retired Dust Off pilot.

  2. Mottlee
    Mottlee Feb 17, 2012

    IF they shoots at the Red Cross....Arm them..if they respect it then don't, Area by Area

  3. ScottMMeyer
    ScottMMeyer Feb 20, 2012

    Let the military make the decision... granted, this young man's mother is devestated and heartbroken - but this decision is not the call of someone in her shoes and there will be more parents who, upon losing a loved one, will try to rally changes in the "memory" of the lost hero. Absolute mistake... stay out of the business of war and saving lives in combat and let the professionals handle it. I was an avaition med tech and served my share of air-evacs.

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