Army Firefight with A-10 & Apache

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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US *Soldiers in a heavy firefight with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. A-10 and Apache support called in. *Title and description updated - thanks swede1775.

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  1. swede1775
    swede1775 Nov 28, 2012

    U.S. Marines....Hmm, all I see is U.S. Army personnel?

  2. 17286637
    17286637 Nov 28, 2012

    Nothing abut this video indicates a heavy firefight. Sporadic pot shot from enemy at best. Too many clips from ground and Ariel views. Scenery changes too much and when did the Marines start wearing US Army uniforms.

  3. 26472852
    26472852 Nov 29, 2012

    This is 173rd Airborne..... Ever watched Restrepo?

  4. Atlatl
    Atlatl Nov 29, 2012

    These are paratroops with the 173d Airborne BCT.

  5. 173rd_Combat_Vet
    173rd_Combat_Vet Jan 17, 2013


  6. 173rd_Combat_Vet
    173rd_Combat_Vet Jan 17, 2013

    @17286637 You never spent any time in the Korengal. I have a lotta buddies who went through that deployment and Restrepo didn't even depict a fraction of what these guys went through.

  7. 5588957
    5588957 Oct 06, 2016

    Outstanding video, thank you. I was looking at the F35 vs A10 Warthog controversy. It is my opinion our troops want to keep the A10 in theater supporting our mission. The F35 is a stupid platform to support ground troops in its time over target will be severely limited and the maintenance costs and down time render it inappropriate in comparison. I heard that comment our birds as a positive agreement. I also noticed a couple of Rangers wearing the LandWarrior camera/display that I coordinated with Fort Bragg when working for Kaiser Electro Optics. Good to see it, I noticed most of the guys were not using the equipment, I suppose mission makes it much more useful during night patrols / insertions.

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