Gramps Goes to War in Apache

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Not your average grandpa - A grandfather who was decorated for bravery in the Falklands War has become the oldest member of the Armed Forces to go to war in Afghanistan - at the age of 54. Lieutenant Commander Bill O'Brien, a Royal Navy pilot who won the Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) in the 1982 conflict, is now flying Apache attack helicopters in Helmand. The married dad-of-three retired from regular service four years ago but remained a Navy reservist. He decided to return to the frontline because he had an "itch to scratch".

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  1. 4499124
    4499124 Apr 05, 2011

    I washed out of the army warrant officer pilot program in 1964 in S. Alabama after 30 months in flight operations in W. Germany. I completed basic and primary, but advanced did me in.

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