Afghanistan Firefight: HelmetCam POV

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US Army & ANF Troops vs. Taliban, 2010.

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  1. NASA2985
    NASA2985 Mar 10, 2011

    I think we should get our people out of Afghanistan and nuke the bastards. We are not winning this war, we are loosing more of our troops every day. Bring our Men and Women home and just nuke the whole country.

  2. NASA2985
    NASA2985 Mar 21, 2011

    Kill those bastards some you can come safe.

  3. 26634236
    26634236 Apr 10, 2011

    Semper Fi

  4. TheBandit4
    TheBandit4 Feb 06, 2012

    Having experienced the same thing...I couldn't believe the lack of fire discipline displayed in this video - there was none. I didn't see any PID either...maybe one of them knew where the bad guy(s) were hiding but the cameraman obviously had no clue, but he still fired rounds...and all of that fire was directed right into a town. I too have a lot of rage built against the bad guys in A-Stan but I doubt I could have let my team randomaly shoot across the river for 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure this engagement didn't make us any friends at all.

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