3 155mm Rounds Fired at Taliban

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Bravo Battery 3-321 sending 3 155mm rounds downrange from their M777 howitzer. On the last shot you can see the round leaving the gun.

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  1. KCaro
    KCaro Feb 07, 2013

    Lets see some broads lift those 100lbs+ rounds in records time........NOOOOOOOOOOT

  2. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead Feb 07, 2013

    Good work troops, KILL MORE OF THEM!!!

  3. TexasCWO
    TexasCWO Feb 12, 2013

    HooRah Go ARMY!!!

  4. 11456729
    11456729 Feb 13, 2013

    Nice group !

  5. grunt1807
    grunt1807 Feb 13, 2013

    Was the second shot a DUD? I didn't see or hear an impact.

  6. 30445775
    30445775 Feb 23, 2013

    Oooo... I love it when you can see the shell flying away from the barrel...

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