1st Platoon Firefight in Ghazni

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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Helmet cam footage of a firefight taken by a member of the 1st Platoon Wolverines in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

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  1. 30672290
    30672290 May 02, 2013

    Lmao...Got to be the National Guard. No command and control what so ever. Fire superiority from camera guy Zero. Just so if no one notice kind of looks like the enemy is not even engaging our hero here LOL! Almost like there is another friendly force closer to the enemy being in the cross fire....which if there was why the hell do you shoot 203's so close to friendlies. I can go on and on but GO NG! On a good note, we can see the NG does not need to be anywhere near the front....

  2. anonymoose385
    anonymoose385 May 03, 2013

    first things first, the guy who posted the other comment is a douche... most likely some POG ass supply guy who spent his whole deployment on his ass in bagram or kaf and never fired a single round in country. secondly i would like to address the points he made. "no command and control whatsoever" how do you know? you see ~3 minutes of what could've been an all day ordeal. you actually hear the guy making the video address somebody as "sir" giving me the idea that his PL was somewhere close by talking to his joes. "fire superiority from camera guy zero" he's shooting an M4, its a precision weapon... throwing 5 mags down range and not hitting shit helps nothing... that's what all the tracer fire that you see is for (fire superiority) "looks like the enemy isn't engaging our hero here"... yes, since the taliban has such an enormous supply of tracer rounds i cant believe we cant see any flying towards the camera man. "... friendly force in the crossfire" where exactly do you see that? i see tracer fire coming out of the left of the screen... you have no way of knowing how close that element is to that tree line they're firing at. im going to continue this in another comment(1)

  3. anonymoose385
    anonymoose385 May 03, 2013

    "why the hell do you shoot 203's so close to friendlies" i refer you to the last point of my previous post, you have no clue if that element to the left is barely out of camera view or another 200 meters away. "we can see the NG does not need to be anywhere near the front" as a general rule, infantry is infantry... i'd trust a NG infantryman at my back before i'd trust any other active mos INCLUDING the wannabe infantry CAB scouts and other various wish we were worth a damn MOS's. you know nothing about the situation surrounding this video, weren't there, and really are in no position to make any of the comments you made. be careful next time you shower in BAF... might burn yourself if the water is too hot. POG.

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