Battlefield 101: Aerial Dogfights

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Since the birth of flight, military pilots have looked for ways to effectively engage one another in air-to-air combat. In this episode, we look at how aerial dogfights began, and how they’ve developed.

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  1. MecEngDvr
    MecEngDvr Sep 18, 2015

    Its only a matter of time before UAVs will be involved in dogfights....we simply haven't gone to war with a military that has sufficiently large air force for air to air engagements to be common.

  2. poznian
    poznian Sep 18, 2015

    Although a sea going fighter I believe that the boys in blue will at some point be required to dog fight our enemies, all the autmation will never replace a trained pilot who will be required to defend his skies.

  3. 34331915
    34331915 Sep 18, 2015

    We made the mistake once in Vietnam by not being trained in dog fighting. I believe it is a necessary skill and today's jets need to be designed for this tactic by being fitted with guns not just rockets. I believe with some of these 3rd world forces and middle east, China Russia will surprise us with their dog fighting capabilities some day. Don't let history repeat itself as it always seems to do.

  4. 34353760
    34353760 Sep 25, 2015

    yes i believe Dogfights will happen in the future. because Russia china and america are all creating stealth aircraft and you can only lock on to stealth aircraft with missiles at close ranges.

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