RT Anchor Quits Job Live Over Ukraine

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An American anchor who quit her job at state-funded Russia Today on air to protest President Vladimir Putin sending troops into the Ukraine has said she 'feels sick' that she worked at the station. Liz Wahl, who works at RT's Washington, DC bureau, said in her live resignation that she could no longer work for a network that 'whitewashes the actions of Putin'. She has now further explained her reasons for quitting the channel, saying it is 'not a sound news organization, not when your agenda is making America look bad.'

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  1. 6915thESS
    6915thESS Mar 06, 2014

    Good for her and I support what she did.

  2. 27563208
    27563208 Mar 07, 2014

    It was a hundred years ago, that my grandparents came to the USA from the city that is now called L'viv, Ukraine. The motto on the city crest is in Latin, and I have many brothers and sisters who are very proud of it. SEMPER FIDELIS. ALWAYS FAITHFUL.

  3. rover411
    rover411 Mar 07, 2014

    Making America look bad is being done at Americas own Top Levels. Ever see a football team with a bad coach they self destruct in confusion. This is the legacy of the Obama Administration and liberal left wing media that cares naught for the truth.

  4. DrifterThirteen
    DrifterThirteen Mar 07, 2014

    Nice to see someone stand up for their values.

  5. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Mar 08, 2014

    Good for her I say! the media is a machine that is lead by those who lie and deceive. They never really tell us whats going on. I watch the BBC if I want real news and that's about as close as you get to it.

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