Full Metal Jacket: Famous Quotes

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: Some memorable quotes from one of the best military movies ever made.

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  1. 22583959
    22583959 Dec 10, 2011

    DocGay-What a great movie this was.R.Lee Ermey is a great actor.He can cuss like no man can and not miss a beat.I was Army SF but I still liked the movie because it was about Marines.De Oppresso Liber

  2. 28117163
    28117163 Mar 16, 2012

    Funniest thing ever!

  3. 4499124
    4499124 Aug 28, 2012

    After five yrs. in the army including 30 mos. in W. Germany I was a student at SD State Univ. in the late 60's and many of my younger friends were very worried about the draft. As I recall, the Corps drafted for a few months, and that really struck fear in some! It would me.

  4. oldbrokendownretiree
    oldbrokendownretiree Aug 03, 2013

    GySgt Hartman, my hero.

  5. gTheRealDealortiz
    gTheRealDealortiz Aug 07, 2013

    This movie is greatness! Boom-boom long time!

  6. ndieagle
    ndieagle Sep 06, 2013

    Awesome that something that was fairly realistic can't be viewed without the PC police cleaning it up so we dont hurt anyones little feelings.

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