The 7 Worst Ways to Thank a Veteran

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It’s always a nice when a civilian thanks a veteran or active duty member for their service to our country. However, there are wrong ways to thank them. This video shows the seven worst ways to thank a veteran.

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  1. nickfrito
    nickfrito Aug 18, 2015

    Where the hell are Sgt Eljaye's uniform patches and cover?

  2. utes1
    utes1 Aug 25, 2015

    Why is this even posted? The ultimate example of poor judgment! Is there an editor w/a brain here?!

  3. 30948953
    30948953 Aug 26, 2015

    If you are going to post and send me this Veteran crap just don't send me anything else. Who post this kind of sick humor - Grow up guys.

  4. 33869634
    33869634 Aug 26, 2015

    sick and disgusting !

  5. 21775894
    21775894 Aug 27, 2015

    I hoped the American people was not that way but when I returned from my tours in Vietnam I found that there are a lot just like these and even dumber, There are several in California at the San Francisco, Airport on 10 July 1969, that should know what I am talking about!!!!

  6. 23692267
    23692267 Aug 28, 2015

    Instead of making stupid vids like this how about get Congress to stop raising the cost of prescription medication along with whatever else they want to chop out of the budget for retirees/Veterans.

  7. RandyOinNC
    RandyOinNC Aug 28, 2015

    Great video! Shared it w/ my FB friends and they all got a kick out of it as well!

  8. 25762549
    25762549 Aug 30, 2015

    Not what I expected to ever view on Pathetic.

  9. 30869060
    30869060 Aug 31, 2015

    Stupidest video I've ever seen!

  10. Jim_Parkinson
    Jim_Parkinson Aug 31, 2015

    I have a hard time believing that anybody would actual consider using any of these methods, when thanking any military for their service. I don't even think this is funny, if it was meant as some sort of joke. As a Vietnam Vet, you would think I would be happy to by Thanked or Welcomed Home, but I don't feel comfortable when that happens to me.

  11. 5588957
    5588957 Sep 06, 2015

    Ok I really don't know what to say, but very inappropriate, i did smile, but its WRONG.

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