ISIS now has Silly Version of Navy SEALs

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The newest propaganda video from ISIS purports to show their version of Navy SEALs. A more "appropriate" soundtrack has been added to it for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. 32764431
    32764431 May 05, 2015

    don't you have to have to have a navy to have navy seals?

  2. 33817561
    33817561 May 06, 2015

    maybe they're playing U.S Navy Seal?

  3. DDH3
    DDH3 May 07, 2015

    If and when they deploy these "SEAL's" of theirs, the US will deploy a force fully capable of overpowering and defeating them with ease- the Brownies backed up by the Girl Scouts.

  4. pautscw
    pautscw May 30, 2015


  5. himiki6460
    himiki6460 Jun 20, 2015


  6. bayman59
    bayman59 Jul 10, 2015

    Hell, our boy scout's could beat their ass.

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