Target Nevada - 1950's Nuclear Bomb Test

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The story of United States Air Force support to the Atomic Energy Commission during atomic bomb tests at the Nevada test site. The film gives a general overview of 20 atomic weapons tests conducted in the early 1950's then takes the viewer inside an atomic bomb drop; a B-50 drop aircraft that carried three individuals who shared the responsibility for a successful drop -- the pilot, the radar navigator, and the bombardier.

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  1. 34121296
    34121296 Jul 17, 2015

    Good Golly Seems Like Yesterday I Was Stationed At Camp Desert Rock Nev And Watched These Test From Ground Level Miles Away From Ground Zero!! However Thing You Will Never Forget Is The Blast And Mushroom cloud, And The Desert Floor Moving Like A Large Earth Quake!!Being In The Army And Not In A Plane But On The Desert And Saw The Desruction!! So I Think All Politics Should See The Damage These Nuclear Bombs Can Do!! And Vote Against Any Mad Man (Ayatollah Khamenei) Getting Close To A Nuclear Bomb, Also Our Rookie Pres Barry Soetoro Do Not Give Our Enemy Iran Anything, Money Or Supplies To Build Such A Weapon. God Bless America.

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