PJs Free-Fall Jump

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On April 18, 2016 Air Force Pararescuemen (PJs) free-fall jumped from a C-17 Globemaster III transport plane over the Philippines during Exercise Balikatan 2016.‬

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  1. 35865614
    35865614 Jan 26, 2017

    Para-rescue men are the elite of the elite. They are the 911 of the Special Forces. They rescue Army Rangers, Airborne Paratroopers, Green Beret's, Army Night-stalkers, Marines and Marine Recon, Air Force Combat Controllers, Navy Seals (of all Seal teams), etc. They've been known to rescue men, women, and children of the country they are stationed in. They go through 2 years of training before being able to go Active Duty. When they aren't deployed over seas, they are constantly training; even when they are over seas, they are training. In the movie "The Lone Survivor" Para-rescue men are the troops who went in and retrieved Marcus Lutrell and extracted him from the hut and was working on him in the pave-hawk. The only reason women are not allowed to be PJ's is due to the fact that women can and will not be able to survive the intensive training the the Pj's go through. Thats how Badass they are.

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