F-16 Night Operations

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F-16 Fighting Falcon aircrews from the 177th Fighter Squadron conduct night flight operations at Atlantic City Air National Guard Base, NJ on March 12, 2016 during Exercise Dastardly Devil 16-1. This exercise is designed to test the operational readiness of the New Jersey Air National Guard (NJANG) in a deployed environment.

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  1. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    amagine if you had this type of technology, built in to your defence system, you could have a twenty four hour video camera watching over you that would alert you when the enemy gets within thirty miles of your position, which would give you pleanty of time to alarm the troops, ready your rifles, an defend your post.

  2. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    well sorry I can not help you basic infantry marines, thou I would love to provide you with the best fire watch system to alert would when the enemy is within thirty miles. but paris Hilton says that I can not have access to elloit beach to set my defence system, an provide you with food an supplies an technology an air defence an fire watch,you know it saddens me that I have to sit hear an watch American soldiers die in large numbers, just to prove that I am the man for the job, do we not all agree.

  3. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    well if you do not make the next check point, or landing strip, always remember that old mau was there for you when every body else turned that back to you.

  4. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    you know it's a dam shame I have to threaten to arrest you, before you do what your told.an guess what,just that quick the money was recovered, an just that quick the women will dig into your pockets, take everything you have an switch to another operator, use another register key an wow you loose everything.

  5. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    well your kung fu skills are no match for my rainbow tiger style, perhaps?

  6. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016


  7. 26-0075658
    26-0075658 Oct 31, 2016

    wait here is the sad part they do it all in the name of the lord.

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