More Navy Footage of Russian Su-27 Intercept

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The U.S. Navy has released more footage of a Russian Su-27 intercepting an EP-3E over the Black Sea on Jan. 29, 2018. (U.S. Navy)

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  1. artymgysgt
    artymgysgt 2 weeks ago

    Is this the one that is supposed to be within five feet of the American aircraft?

  2. Jepson
    Jepson 1 week ago

    The crew should send flairs out and burn his ass.

  3. hb100mk
    hb100mk 1 week ago

    Step one: ADD 20mm TAIL GUN Step two: USE 20mm TAIL GUN !

  4. Buff Gunner
    Buff Gunner 1 week ago

    As a former B-52 Aerial Gunner, I totally agree with hb100mk.

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