More Navy Footage of Russian Su-27 Intercept

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The U.S. Navy has released more footage of a Russian Su-27 intercepting an EP-3E over the Black Sea on Jan. 29, 2018. (U.S. Navy)

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  1. artymgysgt
    artymgysgt Feb 02, 2018

    Is this the one that is supposed to be within five feet of the American aircraft?

  2. Jepson
    Jepson Feb 05, 2018

    The crew should send flairs out and burn his ass.

  3. hb100mk
    hb100mk Feb 05, 2018

    Step one: ADD 20mm TAIL GUN Step two: USE 20mm TAIL GUN !

  4. Buff Gunner
    Buff Gunner Feb 06, 2018

    As a former B-52 Aerial Gunner, I totally agree with hb100mk.

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