Female Pilot Lands USAF C-17

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First-rate flying by our female pilot and her crew as she eases the huge jet transport into its home station at Joint Base Charleston after "crossing the pond" from Germany.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 Apr 23, 2013

    Why is this noteworthy? Woman have been pilots for years now. They seem to handle it as well as their male counterparts. Still, good job!

  2. TEX_15AS
    TEX_15AS Aug 31, 2014

    My Apologies for the double post, but I have my other account scheduled to be closed and I didn't know if the remarks would go too; in addition, I shortened them for the sake of brevity. I like your video; however, if the female pilot (First Lieutenant) sitting in the [Pilot] seat (seat on the left) is the one to which you are referring....she is not flying the aircraft, she is communicating with ATC (Air Traffic Control), operating flaps, slats and other checklist items with the pilot and the Loadmaster. She is referred to as the PNF or the "Pilot Not Flying". The actual pilot flying is the male pilot (Captain) sitting in the [Co-Pilot] seat (seat on the right). Since he is flying he is referred to as the PF or the "Pilot Flying"; additionally, being the senior in rank, he is the AC (Aircraft Commander). The PNFs hand is very near the control stick, but not in contact with it, only in the event of an IFE (In Flight Emergency) and the PF would need assistance. My Credentials: I am Chris "TEX" Fowler and I am retired C-17 Loadmaster out of Charleston AFB, SC, 437th Air Wing, 15th Airlift Squadron. Airland, Airdrop, SOLL II. Please feel free to peruse my profile.

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