C-130 Hercules 16ft Above Ground

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A pilot C-130 Hercules decided to show off and few 5 meter/16 feet above ground level not far from a few paratrooper heads. The pilot is suspended from flying and facing a dishonorable discharge from the Swedish Air Force. This was filmed by one of the Paratrooper during a drill and send the tape in to the Swedish News. Sorry, but audio is in Swedish only.

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  1. Robert_Norwood
    Robert_Norwood Feb 17, 2012

    These pilots are damn good, silly to take their wings. Just punish them a little.

  2. nachoman1974
    nachoman1974 Feb 29, 2012

    Dishonorable discharge? Why? I agree with Robert, just make sure they learn their lesson and keep them working. I did some stupid stuff with military vehicles and got punished for it, but I did not get discharged. The military needs people like this pilot, I say!

  3. 24445958
    24445958 May 01, 2012

    C 130s flew bout 2 or 3' off the ground when they flew LAPES

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