New Female Army Uniforms

thumb_up thumb_down 8 | thumb_up thumb_down attends a demonstration of new Army uniforms specially designed for the female soldier.

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  1. 30035205
    30035205 Jun 06, 2013

    Why don't they do this for males too? We guys have the same problems and we rarely complain. But the females get special treatment?

  2. gldfgr
    gldfgr Jun 10, 2013

    Finally! The military has wasted so much money on diffrent patterns and has done the right thing in considering the needs of female Soldiers.

  3. Rowland_J
    Rowland_J Jun 11, 2013

    "New Female Army Uniforms" What are you thinking? Why not make fancy uniforms for important people or let each gender pick their own color for their uniforms. Like black for ones that feel stealth, or pink for the girlie girls. What a stupid, no sense idea.

  4. 18071854
    18071854 Jun 16, 2013

    to much money next thing will be tight pants and blouses

  5. _RedSix_
    _RedSix_ Nov 01, 2013

    OKay, now let's make the ladies do ALL the PT exercises the same way as the men. Why put out an inferior force. Go for it girls.

  6. _RedSix_
    _RedSix_ Nov 01, 2013

    as in good luck on the pushups... anything having to do with timing. Now how about the USMC and thier try at this crap. I would think that the Gov would have other issues to tend to besides this. I couldn't imagine being a male that just graduated, and standing in front of his mother/ Father with a bucket hat. Absolute HS.

  7. 28304196
    28304196 Dec 26, 2013

    The more form fitting uniform looks better and less hazardous, in difficult times, the form fit is most desired. Plus the loose uniform looks sloppy.

  8. 14011701
    14011701 Mar 27, 2014

    Nice job on the video highlighting the changes to the female uniform. The uniform is much improved.

  9. handymanjohn
    handymanjohn Mar 27, 2014

    Okay female vs male clothes; GOOD. Loose fit vs form fit; its not a FASHION SHOW - we cut TRI CARE to save money, cut force size and waste money on designer uniforms. People wonder why the government is BROKE$? I say its BROKEN; get your priorities right.

  10. 31598029
    31598029 Apr 07, 2014

    You feminist people, just don't seem to cease to amaze me , with your big deal, about the continuence of the feminization process. Now a new uniform fit for females. And how much is this is cost me and thr east of the tax payers??? What is now??? A new skirt fashion, of the ACU??? Females sure do get special media attention. Everything, and I do mean all of the stories about female gets all kinds of attention. Like Bubba(Obama) is now signing an execy order for women to get 33% more pay, for 65 % of the work load, compared to their male counter parts (superiors).

  11. Tiffa_EOD
    Tiffa_EOD May 23, 2014

    Yea, they're not wearing the "unisex" uniform right strictly to prove the point and I didn't know that the uniform was to be form fitting, I thought it was supposed to be functional. I'm a female that can wear a xsmall and be like the Female version, but I wear a small because I actually do a job not at a freaking desk. AND.... the female uniform girls hair is out of regs. AND.... ACU's are not to be tailored/altered and it was clearly deigned specifically for her. 2 violations of AR 670-1

  12. spurlockda
    spurlockda May 24, 2014

    That's clever, when you want to show how bad the unisex uniform is, have the person wear a size that is clearly too big. If you have to wear a uniform that is too big for you, you probably need to get in better shape. Gawd I'm glad I retired.

  13. 13671211
    13671211 May 25, 2014

    It's ABOUT TIME! SGT. K Luethy

  14. 32212938
    32212938 May 28, 2014

    So please advise what the holy Hell accent is that female soldier(?)speaking,Arkansas or what? This is the US Army please speak American English,so that all of us can understand what your talking about here,will you? That thick accent of hers makes this male former US Army member wonder which country in the world are we all in here?

  15. 30yrvet
    30yrvet Jul 19, 2014

    The tighter fitted uniforms will be a big problem when the get soaking wet. They will cling to the skin and you will loose movement you have with the looser fitted uniform.

  16. 32718472
    32718472 Aug 12, 2014

    Seems like a lot of crying from you males. Suck it up and drive on.

  17. 36623174
    36623174 Jan 14, 2018

    The men sure do a lot of crying about women, it makes me unsure who the women actually are! Face reality, women's bodies are different than men's bodies! We do not have muscles like men do, therefore we cannot meet the same PT standards! If I had my way, we would still have women's Army core and we would not be integrated with the men, that way we wouldn't have to hear them cry like bitches all the time on how were getting a free ride!

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