Internal Tourniquet System

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In this original video from Kit Up! we look at the Internal Tourniquet System from Blackhawk.

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  1. SooperFly
    SooperFly Mar 31, 2011

    Internal Tourniquet System: Not a smart idea. Shrapnel and rounds may cut this stuff to ribbons. Put them in a pouch

  2. drsmith917
    drsmith917 Jun 05, 2011

    Bad idea. Not only could the tourniquet get blown apart with the uniform, it is often critical where the tourniquet is placed. Lastly, it is a copy of the C-A-T but sewn into a uniform. Use the C-A-T.

  3. goatdriverNam66
    goatdriverNam66 Jun 13, 2013

    Again, bad idea. Next they'll suggest adding stirrups so the soldier can haul around his own medic. Good for just jacking up the price of the uniform.

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