World's Largest Military Hovercraft

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This is the world's largest military hovercraft and it belongs to the Russian army. It is armed with missiles, artillery and AA defense guns and can carry a few heavy tanks at once.After approaching to the enemy coastline it can give a burst of fire to tear of such fierce force that can tear big military ship apart, then without any slowing down start moving on the shore advancing deep inside to unload the tanks and infantry.

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  1. PeleJAY
    PeleJAY Aug 23, 2013

    wow a BIG FLOATING TARGET :D seriously though this is straight out of C&C

  2. 33908193
    33908193 May 08, 2015

    This craft is low moving large target. It must be transported it's operational destination. All these negative attributes are traits of an already obsolete or at the least cumbersome weapon of limited operational effectiveness.

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