Guys Sneak on Russian Military Cruiser

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On November 7th 2011, at Saint Petersburg, two guys sneak on a Russian Military Cruiser (1st rank Aurora) and fire it's 152 mm caliber gun. The gun mechanisms are sealed at night, so throwing something down the pipe is the only way to made a "gunshot" at night time. Is this real or fake? Video can be found on YT at

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  1. BobUSMC10
    BobUSMC10 Mar 30, 2012

    Great way to get sent to the gulag

  2. OsdocII
    OsdocII Apr 03, 2013

    Aurora entered service in 1903 and is a museum ship now. Search Google for some neat pix. So our intrepid pair probably had to evade a couple of night watchmen at best. I would suspect the pair are Russian naval cadets. As well as the scuba gear, they had to have a significant explosive to create that kind of report. In days of yore I've read that our academy midshipmen used to load the morning signal gun at Annapolis with gravel, utterly terrifying early morning fishermen. (I wouldn't know; I was NROTC.) Al Carter, LT, USN (a very long time ago)

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