U.S. Carrier Strike Group One On Patrol

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USS Carl Vinson, Carrier Strike Group One, and ships from the Malaysian Royal Navy cruise in formation together in the South China Sea.

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  1. 6055686
    6055686 Aug 13, 2015

    AWESOME!!! THIS is WHY I pay my taxes, in full and with GRATITUDE! No overlay soundtrack required, because REAL heroes make their own thundering music, simply by being who they are. Better than any work of fiction, is this direct document of reality, majestic without even trying. One United States civilian ROARS in appreciation, while humbled in admiration, for All Who Serve. YOU ROCK. This is ***my*** team. ((WOW)) I am honored, grateful and thrilled to be part of it, in even the tiniest way. Thank You God, my Father in Heaven, that I was BORN IN THE USA, for I am truly blessed by You, and through You, by the USS Carl Vinson and Carrier Strike Group One.

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