The Art of Camouflage

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Can you spot these IDF soldiers? Here is one example of advanced camouflage in the IDF.

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  1. Chockblock
    Chockblock Jul 10, 2013

    Not bad. But it is hard to believe that they put that camo inplace by themselfves. Also I found thier spot before they popped up. But a good job either way

  2. cplmartinez
    cplmartinez Jul 17, 2013

    Good grief....the whole bush moved at :03 seconds in. I pulled pin at :04 !

    SPECFX Jul 17, 2013

    Whoa...a mini landslide w/ dudes under it. Pretty lame.

  4. AG3Franklin
    AG3Franklin Jul 18, 2013

    Monty Python did this skit years ago. They called it "How Not to be Seen". Theirs was funnier.

  5. marekinc
    marekinc Jul 18, 2013

    The probloem is they have to come out of the camouflage to do their job. Back to work boys.

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