Massive Military Equipment Transport

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"The third of seven Southbound Military Trains from Portland, Oregon headed to Yermo, CA through downtown Red Bluff on July 25th around 08:30. Equipment went in this order; 38+ Strykers, 2 cargo trucks towing arty, 33 humvee (hv) most w/ trailers, ambulance, 29+ Strykers,6 humvee's, 4 cargo trucks, 81+ humvee's w/ 3+ armored, 1 cargo truck towing fuel, 2 more humvee's. Anyone know what the boxes built onto some of the hv's are for?"

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  1. rjjack
    rjjack Aug 08, 2011

    the boxes are called RAT Rigs. Radio equipment

  2. jrclimer
    jrclimer Aug 09, 2011

    Two companies of Strykers on their way to the NTC, Fort Irwin, CA. Going to be a miserably hot & humid rotation! Off-load at Yermo & commercial truck to the Fort. There goes out commute!

  3. 8724465
    8724465 Oct 05, 2011

    When I rotated in 90, we off-roaded it all the way from Yermo to the NTC. I spent all day shuttling Humvee's, M577's and M113's across the desert trails. What a blast running wide open across some of those dirt roads!

  4. eric7precision
    eric7precision Jun 03, 2013

    the box hvs shown are for units(persons) to be transferred or deployed to certain regions

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