China's 2011 Military Power

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A little compilation of the military capabilities of China today. Note: This is not a propaganda video nor does it promote any political agenda. It is simply a compilation of china's military technologies.

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  1. sgtjmackinjersey
    sgtjmackinjersey Sep 14, 2011

    Looks like China has been Russia's best customer.

  2. 24833568
    24833568 Oct 12, 2011

    China may or may not be that powerful. A lot of that could be window dressting. On camera it's easy to fool people. Hopefully if we leave them alone they will leave everyone else alone. Wishful thinking.

  3. 24833568
    24833568 Oct 12, 2011

    Reminds me of some other goose stepping morons that we kicked their butt.

  4. Retired-SK
    Retired-SK Sep 13, 2012

    Armed Coast Guard Dolphines... w00t!

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