Combat Optics | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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The development and introduction of specially designed optical devices has literally changed the way we see the battlefield.

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  1. 20381439
    20381439 Jul 01, 2015

    The passive night scope was first produced by Russia. During the invasion of Hungary in 1964, a group of students took out a Russian T-55 tank. One of the students saw something interesting on top of the tank. He did not have a clue as to what it was, but thought that the Americans would like to have it. He took it and gave it to us. That is why we where able to field a night scope in the last have of the 1960s.

  2. Khrut27Gg
    Khrut27Gg Jul 03, 2015

    The Germans fielded the Vampire infared scope on an MP44, one of which was captured and quickly copied by the US, and then fielded in the Pacific theatre as the video here states.

  3. bayman59
    bayman59 Jul 07, 2015

    The most significant development in optics in history are a Marines eyes.

  4. haloguy628
    haloguy628 Jul 09, 2015

    203814391 - That's a nice story but unfortunately it's just a tall tale. I served in Czechoslovakian army 1980 -82 in engineer recon and we still had infrared night devices at that time. On our OT-65 APC and one portable for each squad. In August of 81 and 82 we had big capex called Iza with Russian and Hungarian forces that culminated in building pontoon bridge across Danube near the town of Komarno. The Russians had the same infrared night vision scopes as we did. So no, the Russians did not have passive NVD's in 1956 during the invasion of Hungary.

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