Terrorist Tased at Buckingham Palace

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(LONDON) - British police say they have arrested and used a stun gun on a man armed with two knives outside Buckingham Palace. Scotland Yard said the man, thought to be in his 50s, acted aggressively when challenged by police outside the gates of the heavily touristed landmark on Sunday. Officers used a Taser gun on him and took him to a London police station. The man was not named and police did not provide details of his identity. http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/02/04/police-taser-man-outside-buckingham-palace/

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  1. 26472852
    26472852 Feb 05, 2013

    Should have let him kill himself...

  2. kiwi68
    kiwi68 Feb 05, 2013

    How is he a terrorist ???

  3. LogicMine
    LogicMine Apr 19, 2013

    He's a terrorist because of his idiotic display of violence was a public demonstration. Doesn't matter that the "VIDEO" shows that at first he was only a threat to himself; however, as the Law Enforcement officers moved in, it was very apparent that he then turned the weapon onto the officers. And if he'll use it against the officers, then he'll use it against anyone. IE....TERRORIST.

  4. cplmartinez
    cplmartinez Jul 15, 2013

    Allah Kaybar!

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