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Russian Cops Sing 'Get Lucky' at Olympics

Here's a highlight from the Opening Ceremony in Sochi: The Russian Police Choir covering Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

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  1. 526Engineer
    526Engineer Feb 11, 2014

    Some of the cops had that look "What in the H_ _ _ am I doing up here". They weren't the happiest looking bunch but they did a good job.

  2. robnicepa
    robnicepa Feb 15, 2014


  3. 32493150
    32493150 May 25, 2014

    I think the Russian choir did a TOP and excellent performance of an English written song. They are excellent singers!!!!That is the purpose of music, to unite us all. They took a step ahead. Recently,in Iran some youngsters were accused for singing and dancing the song Happy. Even Pharrell Williams criticized that action. So, KUDOS to the Russian police choir!!!! So, it is not too late for other police and other military world choirs to join this excellent action and show the artistic side of the armed forces. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!! but that does not mean I am blind and cannot see what others do good on behalf of a better world!!!!! Go ahead and let's sing in choir other pop music hits!!!!

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